These machines are installed in businesses where food waste is produced – restaurants, hotels, hospitals, prisons, factories, food processing facilities, schools and institutions, gas and oil camps, military bases, etc.
TMK is able to implement large-scale composting facilities where the machines have a combined composting capacity of up to 30 tons per day.
Fruit and vegetable waste generated by nearby markets and food processing centers is picked up by the municipal waste hauling service and brought to the composting site.
At the composting facility, waste is emptied onto the sorting belt in which an operator screens the waste to remove non-organic objects. The material is then sent to a shredder before being emptied into the composting machine.
TMK’s proprietary microbes compost the waste in 24 hours, reducing volume by around 80-90%. The machine becomes full on a weekly basis, and compost is offloaded by operators.
Approximately 40 tons of compost is generated each week. The compost is sent to a soil factory where the material goes through a 21-day maturation period then mixed with mushroom manure prior to being sold.
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