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What Is the Process of Composting Food Waste?

Composting food waste has a variety of nutrients that may return to the environment. This can be accomplished through the composting process. When you see the benefits of composting, you should make every effort to perform it properly so that you may reach the required compost quality. Compost is a stable organic mixture formed by […]

Impact of Organic Composting on Soil Health and Ecosystem Diversity

In today’s environmentally conscious landscape, the discussion around sustainable waste management practices has gained significant traction. Among the various methods, organic composting stands out as a beacon of hope for enhancing soil health and promoting ecosystem diversity. In this article, we delve into the profound implications of organic composting while examining the disparities between compostable […]

How Food Composting Machine Works?

TMK is one of the Composting Machine manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, with a capacity from 1kg to 5 Tons per day. Our machines are fully automatic and excellent in performance providing support to maintain a healthy environment and serve the nation for its cause of clean nation policy. TMK’s customer base includes virtually every global company, […]

What is Commercial Composting and How Can Cities Manage Organic Waste?

Organics remain the largest single component of municipal solid waste (MSW), and while its rate of decomposition is relatively fast compared to petroleum-based materials such as plastic, the sheer amount of it can pose challenges for cities trying to effectively divert food waste. Whether it’s organic waste, yard trimmings, or even biodegradable packaging, optimizing systems […]

Large Scale Composting Equipment – 30 Ton Per Day Food Waste Composting Solution

These machines are installed in businesses where food waste is produced – restaurants, hotels, hospitals, prisons, factories, food processing facilities, schools and institutions, gas and oil camps, military bases, etc. TMK is able to implement large-scale composting facilities where the machines have a combined composting capacity of up to 30 tons per day. Fruit and vegetable waste […]

Uses of Organic Waste Composting Machine

When TMK developed the idea of an organic waste composting machine, its focus was on providing organic waste composting solutions. It probably had no idea that the end product would have several other unexpected uses. Now, the company can pride itself on multi-purpose organic waste machines. You can liken this company to someone who is able […]